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Our services

Sales automation

Sales automation, creation of regulations, recruitment, scripting, staff training

Website development

Fast and high-quality creation of sites and pages. Publish your products and receive applications


Create interesting texts and creative photos, launch ads and attract leads


Installing Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Primeier

When is Bitrix24 needed?

The effectiveness of communication channels is not clear

No report: From what source how many deals you get, how effective are advertising campaigns, the effectiveness of your employees

Customers write, but no sales

There is no single customer base. Clients get lost, managers forget to call a client

Customers write, but no sales

There are many projects and tasks and there is no single system for quick control of all tasks

No automation of routine processes

There is not enough time for business development, due to the many routine tasks

What is Bitrix24 CRM ?

Smart CRM

CRM itself guides customers through the sales funnel, sets the desired task for the management and reminds of all current tasks.

CRM analytics

View analytics for sales, employees and customers in real time.

Contacts and companies

Save all contacts in a single database with the history of communication with the client. Segment and find them quickly.


View reports on products sold, deals won or lost, and other reports.

Access rights

Save the database of contacts and transactions with the client, protecting it from export and deletion. Write down personal access rights.


The works will automatically set a task to the manager, send an SMS and show the advertisement to the client.

Sales generator

The generator will automatically create a deal after the required period to increase the% of repeat sales.


Send email, SMS and voice mailings to the client. Remind yourself and introduce new products. Show targeted ads.

Tasks and projects

Monitoring the execution of tasks

You will always know which tasks are being performed, which are overdue and completed on time 

Comfortable project management 

Plan, manage, discuss and work within projects and together with external users right in Bitrix24 

Discussions and time tracking 

Discuss tasks right in the comments. Make all tasks clear and change the lead time 

Regular tasks 

Create task templates and Bitrix24 itself will remind you of their completion 

Change in employee performance 

In real time, you will have access to the effectiveness of employees in the context of tasks 

Access rights 

Assign employees access rights for the security of information about tasks and projects 

Contact center 

Built-in telephony 

Call and answer directly from Bitrix24. Built-in telephony will forward itself, record calls and show detailed analytics

Quick replies 

Stored responses will help operators respond quickly and competently. 

Built-in mail

Write and receive letters directly to Bitrix24. Email templates will help you in fast communication

Quality control 
At the end of each dialogue, Bitrix24 itself proposes to evaluate the quality of the operator's service 
Connect social networks and messengers

Connect Facebook, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and online chat in order not to miss a single request and respond from a single space.

Analytics of the effectiveness of messengers

Find out how many channels come from each channel, at what time, average response time, and more